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Sebnem Işıklar, Finans


Sebnem Işıklar NCM Investment is market-making and brokerage for its individual and corporate clients for international money and commodity markets and other over-the-counter (OTC) products in GCC (Gulf) countries, especially Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa region). and provides financial solutions and business development services. Bank Transfer Cryptocurrency …

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Join CLP Business Place ( Free+No Deposit+Earn Token )


Join CLP Business Place ( Join Free + No Deposit + Earn Token ) The purpose of the CLP project is to create and develop a business based on the cryptocurrency market network.Introduce your job.Communicate with users and buy or sell without intermediaries.Create a business profile,Active social media, Url, and Payment gateway.Create a product or …

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Income model of CryptolancePro:


In the legal sector: fees from two-to-one exchanges in centralized and decentralized exchanges. In the user section: using the added value capacities of users’ capital In the academic and research sector: project creation resulting from data collection In the industry sector: commercialization of ideas We are growing a sustainable strategy for 15 years. These strategies …

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The general purpose of Sale transactions


The general purpose of Sale transactions in CLP is to provide business funds in three parts: user wages, funding for research projects, and finally commercialization of the idea in the form of starting a business. With this goal, the employment policy is realized in accordance with the strategic plan of the government.



CryptolancePro transfer is initially in the form of decentralized exchanges. And after the valuation, it forms the exchange system with the help of Coin Market Cap and centralized exchanges.



The specialized responsibility of CryptolancePro is to strengthen production and industrial structures and develop scientific and research platforms in Turkey. The social responsibility of this currency is to fund environmental projects. The legal responsibility of the project is Aryaking company as an investment consultant in Turkey. The financial responsibility of the project is to maintain …

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