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Invest in Turkiye

Invest in Turkiye’s economic projects in completely safe conditions.
CLP project manages your capital stock portfolio in this sector. Users can convert their tokens into shares by registering and authenticating. This token amount cannot be higher than 5% of the share of fees. We withdraw fees at the end of every 24 hours and add them to the stock volume. Invest in Turkiye turns the value of your property into real capital. Register now.

5% Per holder Registered :
2% Business financing :
1% Host country (TAX) :
1% Project owner :
1% Liquidity :

Project Company

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Project Tax Code

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The tax code of the host country
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Bank Support

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Management of project accounts
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Location Office

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Address of the project office
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2% Investment saved in businesses :
Covered investment:
Number of projects:

Special for industries and companies

Companies can send their request for funding to the project according to the following conditions and rules. Users can see the participation of companies in this section.

Capital request conditions:

  1. The applicant must have a company in Türkiye.
  2. The requested capital is allocated only to economic, industrial, innovative, and technological projects, and the condition of employment of at least 10 people in the allocation plan must be guaranteed.
  3. In response to the request for capital, he must be able to create an account in the name of the project in a Turkish bank and issue shares to approved members of the CLP project.
  4. The bank must approve the account related to the economic plan.
  5. Fundraising through the CLP project is gradual and from transaction fees. Therefore, the applicant should not expect to receive funds at once.
  6. According to the project permit, financing is done in Turkish lira currency and the capital is directly deposited into the economic plan account in the bank.
  7. Due to the nature of the CLP project, the foreign investment of the members and the receipt of their shares must guarantee the acquisition of citizenship according to Turkish laws.
  8. To apply for capital, please send your business plan along with the official application to the email address: [email protected].
5% Investment saved on per users :
Covered investment:
Rejister Users:

For registered users

Please read the project rules. If you meet the following conditions, you can send a request to use your capital share to the following email address.
To learn how to register and create a wallet, refer to the education menu.

Conditions for using the capital share:

1. Users must authenticate on the CLP site. This law is in the framework of financial transparency and the fight against money laundering.
2. The capital contribution of each user is calculated based on dollars. Authenticated users must have a CLP token wallet address and their average circulating capital with CLP tokens per month is at least $100.
3. The request to use the capital share of users is not in the form of receiving cash. Therefore, users can only buy a house or start their own business in Turkey using their capital share. This purchase includes the law of granting citizenship according to the law of Turkey.
4. Please note that when using the capital share, we do not receive any money from you and the service fee is deducted from the amount of the capital share. So beware of profiteers.
5. Users can use their capital contribution only once.
6. For using the capital share, please send your request along with the official application to the email address: [email protected].

You Supported by

  1. Account opening for CLP users
  2. CLP users’ stock settlement management

Opening bank deposit accounts for CLP users

YUVAM account is an advantageous Turkish lira account type that allows residents abroad and their companies abroad to invest their savings in banks in our country, and is provided with an additional return guarantee as well as exchange rate protection assurance by the Central Bank.


You can see the tax income of the host country in this section.