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Invited to cooperate
Especially for digital currency activists
For all international languages


You can enter the following site.
See the Airdrop section. (in the middle of the page, the green part)
Get an airdrop.
Then, by visiting one of the Dex exchanges, create liquidity for yourself and store the token there.

Every amount of tokens stored in your user account pool will receive 5% of BUSD at the end of every month.

This is 5% of the blockchain transaction fee. To learn about the division of transaction fees, refer to the bottom of the page or view the white paper document.

It is enough to register on our site and send your wallet address at the end of every month on the profile page, at the bottom of the page.

After checking your transaction history and pool balance, 5% of the balance will be deposited in BUSD.
Without paying for the token. We just need the participation of the holders.