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The purpose of the CLP project is to create and develop a business based on the cryptocurrency market network. Introduce your job. Communicate with users and buy or sell without intermediaries.
Create a business profile, Active social media, Url, and Payment gateway. Create a product or service on the marketplace and share Ads.

By entering the registration page and completing the form information, simply become a member of the CLP project and use your capital contribution. How much is the capital contribution of the members and what is the law of using it?


CryptolancePro is designed to provide capital for economic enterprises. Its structure is created on the basis of token and it is created on the platform of BEP-20. This token is under BNB Smart Chain. The structure of this token is designed based on added value. For each transaction, the capital contribution of users and supporting structures increases.


The CLP project fulfills the requirements of CoinMarketCap. Any turnover above the average of $100 in this project can be risky. We planned for the benefit of users. Therefore, avoid increasing the average capital of 100 dollars per month and do not be affected by the fluctuations of the project. We can only guarantee users’ capital contribution.
About programs and providing benefits to users.

The purpose of the project: holder building
Until date: 30.01.2024

Maximum suggested transaction
Average per month

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Biswap guarantees CLP tokens with BSW currency pairs. Our suggestion is to use the Biswap exchange.

About Biswap Exchange: see on coinmarketcap

For the security of your account,
please connect to the exchange only with
Trust wallet or Binance Chain wallets.

Competitive advantage of the project

Participation in the project

In each transaction, a percentage of the transfer capital is transferred to the project pool and account. Therefore, users participate in the project.

Token value determination authority

In the CryptolancePro, the supply and demand of users determines the price of the token.

Added value in the project

With each transaction, the share and capital value of users increases. Therefore, users are stakeholders of the project.

The income share of the project owner

Each transaction has a share of fees and taxes. Therefore, the income share of the project owner and the host country is clear.

Oscillation = prohibited

Considering the amount of deductions in the transaction, the activity of oscillators is not beneficial in this project.

Project revenue source

Each transaction in this project has an income share from fees, taxes, share of added value of users, participation in business projects and participation in credit pool.

Fee per transaction = 10 %

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